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we are the world's policeman. the other so-called world powers are either too cheap, morally indifferent, or happy to sponge off of us as they have neglected their duty to keep some semblance of order. we are unwilling to let crazy people romp through our neighborhoods. but we are not is the world social worker. to the extent we take it upon ourselves, the goal or the obligation to bring universal selfridge, make sure people can listen to madonna, bring about democratic elections. that is not our job. we are not good at doing it. we are good at building roads, crushing opposing armies. no government is good at the
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work of nationbuilding. [bell] >> we will alternate. tucker, you will go first. federal debt -- does it matter? we can simulate our way to prosperity. >> you are insane for suggesting it. it matters because i believe in math. here is what i know, which is saying i believe in science. you often hear we are for science. we do not believe in evolution. we are on the side of science. anybody who ignores the obvious point that if you expend more energy than you bring in, you die, whether you are a business, person, or country. the person who ignores that is against science. in the long run, a country that spends more than it raises cannot continue. it is a threat to this country.
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it is a threat to our economy. common sense confirms it. any belief in science tells me to believe that there is no bigger problem. [bell] >> let me quote the cheney who said ronald reagan taught us deficits do not matter. dick cheney was wrong. he is wrong then and he is wrong now. deficits matter. anyone who supported the bush has no business talking about debt. [booing] i helped bill clinton balanced the budget and built a surplus because we had good economic times. good economic times should pay down the deficit as clinton did but to reagan and bush did not. in bad times you have to
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stimulate and the airtime as president obama is doing. it is like listening to lectures on hygiene from type 40 -- typhoid mary. is more important to america's pursuit of happiness? which is more dangerous to america's pursuit of happiness? eight 350 format before a 44 ounce big gulf. if you come to my house, you would find guns but no cans of soda. i have the right wing position on the giant drink soda thing. i do not like the idea. idea of thee the government telling me what size
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soda i can drink. i am with tucker and probably most of you. i have the right wing position on gun safety. i have the same as ronald reagan who was for a waiting time before you buy a gun. the same as george w. bush he was for a ban on assault weapons. the same as when lapierre who was for a universal background check before he flip-flopped. i have the right wing position big drs if you give a pepper to a bad guy, he will get fat. but if you allow that bad guy, bad things happen. >> as someone who is neither a criminal or insane, i disagree. arearms and big gulfps integral to american happiness. thee is no higher right in
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right to protect yourself and your family. without firearms, you are incapable of doing that. is that simple. i do not think i should have to get the government's permission before i buy or sell a firearm. i do not want to ask mom's permission. moms russia this is a battle in the class war. ulps.ban big glup his is a class-based attack on your simple pleasures. the right to smoke, tan, had a shower head. stand up against those attacks on your right to please yourself. [laughter] shouldican seniors -- they be more afraid of private
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social security accounts or obamacare? should not seniors be as afraid as they are. both parties get a lot especially the credit parties -- both parties get a lot. it is caring people. this is the safest country in the world. it is financed. every person will die. the faster we accept it, the happier we will be. you ought to be concerned when the government decides it has the power to determine basic choices about your healthcare. not let them take away your drink. people my age should be concerned about this attempt to organize us into war efficient units. there is not one person smart enough to organize millions of americans into more efficient
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units. we should be afraid of that. [bell] whohank god for harry reid stopped bush's plan to privatize social security. you want it to turn your grandmothers retirement to lehman brothers, bear stearns? aroundsecurity has been 75 years, run by the government 75 years and has never missed a check. thank god for social security. the medicareare, program, call your mother. call your father. ask them if they love being on medicare. they left it. only 5000are has employees. private insurance has hundreds of thousands. government is more efficient and health insurance. lower overhead, better outcome,
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lower prices. the only change i want to make is to change the eligibility of medicare into birth. us all get on it and we will have a real system. >> i will not answer that. have you been to the dmv lately? >> when secretary of state hillary clinton appeared before the senate hearing on benghazi, here's what she said -- dead americans. is it because of a protest or because guys would kill some americans? what difference does it make? is herlast question question -- what difference does it make?
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>> we know americans were killed and their deaths must be avenged. when our embassies and consulates and 11 places were attacked by terrorists in the list administration, none of you said boo. and yemen, all around the world. republicans voted against spending the money to harden those authorities and make them safe. if you are upset about what happened in benghazi, i suggest republicans look in the mirror. >> it is bush's fault. we have not a single perpetrator in custody despite the fact there were security cameras. why is that? it is hard to bring them to justice if you do not bother to find out who they were or why
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they did it? hillary would not be an effective police officer. it matters because details matter and justice matters and the truth matters. it is worth taking the time to find out what happened. let's prevent it from happening again. >> that is the end around one. d- that is the end of roun one. thehe second round, fighters are allowed to ask each other questions. try to ask the questions that the mainstream media is too afraid to ask. it is open field. your choice. we will begin with tucker. two questions, two minutes each. >> you are close to the former vice president al gore. his concern in life is saving the earth from an environmental holocaust.
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given that goal, were you surprised to discover he took a $100 million from the oil rich family that runs qatar and the next time you see him will you ask them to give that money to an environmental charity? when our grandchildren inherit a planet that is still alive, they will think al gore. [laughter] climate orbelieve in gravity or any of that. it is real. this is ingenious. he is bleeding the funds from the enemy and using it for good. god bless al gore. it is ingenious. >> that was valiant. mr. carlson, mitt romney
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could live anywhere he wants except the white house. inchose to sell his mansion conservative utah and buy a mansion in liberal la jolla, california. why did he sell? >> mitt romney. the name rings a bell. vallejo,e who is from california, -- la jolla , it is despicable. i would have been happier had he moved to highland park, texas, for example. if you are interested in drinking cop located coffee and going surface, go ahead. i do not judge other peoples recreational choices.
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ver each other] i asked you this question last year. i did not get a satisfactory question. you know more about this than anyone. you are close to the clintons. you know secretary clinton well. she believes she will run for president in the next cycle? do you think she should? aslex absolutely. absolutely. she will be a great president. you agree. now that we have moved towards hypotheticall hillary candidacy, all of the right-wingers are saying she is evil. that is a sign you are afraid.
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i have no idea if she will. i think she will live a life, write a book, reacquaint herself with the real world. she is a real woman. she is not a republican society lady. what she will do is go around trying to empower women because where women are empowered, the whole society does better. is a global force for good. i hope and pray she wants for president. -- i hope and pray she wants for president. professional bush basher. his plan for relief was wonderful.
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it was outstanding. it was america at best. it saved more lives than anything any democratic president did in africa. what has barack obama done that --artisan right-winger question it would have been honorable -- >> it would have been honorable had he raise the money himself. what is the one thing that obama has done that i applaud? , thes second inaugural president to walk down the length of avenue chewing nicorette -- i respect that. living in a world where all of your buddies are telling you the most simple thing you can do is
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use tobacco products. this guy to flaunt his nicotine addiction and public was courageous, compelling, and inspirational. go, barack obama. [bell]
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nra. >> it does not represent most gun ownerers. you have to deal with reality. the nra is the only organization working to protect the constitutional right that new york times hates.
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>> sequester. >> the y2k of politics. it came, went, and no one noticed. it has not gone. it is incredibly dumb. it will hurt this country. a self-inflicted wound. >> rich people. >> writer is my favorite rich person. i cannot hate all rich people. i hope to join their ranks. >> poor peropople. >> a group that i have great sympathy for and deserve a shot. >> there is a myth that conservatives hate the poor. they love them because they have created so many of them. i will give you credit for that. >> ashley judd.
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>> why does every right-wing guy i know think it is horrible that she is posing naked in movies but think it is fine that scott brown dated. i have a different taste and nudity. against scott brown's nudity. ashley judd is crazy but is the gift that keeps on giving. >> clint eastwood. >> oscar for the best political convention. i will not attack a legend. the guy has done great film. i honor that. [applause] >> the tea party. >> harry reid's best friend. take you for saving the senate majority. >> president ronald reagan. >> principles. liberal.
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a sign of tax increase and pro- abortion law in california. ahead of his time. reagan was a liberal. >> president barack obama. clark's greatest president of the 21st century. >> a cold, remote, and deeply cynical. >> god. god is love. [applause] satan. >> satan is hate. the dark lord of good inte ntions.
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>> hugo chavez. e now.qaan's roommat [laughter] [indiscernible] [bell] >> that is the end. who is the winner? is it paul? son?t tucker carlon go back and read the papers. we want to thank each of these. i want to thank paul because it is a little more of an uphill climb. we are delighted to have you.
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thank you so much. i appreciate it. ♪ >> continuous coverage. rick perry.or mitt romney will a trust -- mitt romney will address the conference of this afternoon. ♪ >> god bless texas. god bless texas. thank you. they said you have to turn to the left. i said i do not go left well at all. it is a big honor to be asked to speak. i want to say thank you to those of you who have allowed me to come. for all of the bad things that i
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say about washington, i never mind coming here. this is a fabulous place. i wase got here, surprised to step off of our united flight and see that everyone was still here. from what i have been reading about the sequestration, i figured president obama had shut the place down and send everybody home. that would probably be the first that idea he has had when you think about it. just kidding. well, mostly. i come from what a lot of people might seem to think is a foreign country. we have a balanced budget. we have a surplus.
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thane creating more jobs the other states in the union. we are doing this with a part- time legislature that meets for 140 days every other year. our legislatures come in and pass laws and then they go home and live under the laws they just passed. if we had ak -- part-time congress in washington, with a kit less what they really get less done? what we are getting is a lot of hysteria. from a president more concerned about the next election and saving programs for the next generation. president obama is campaigning full-time against the sequester that he created.
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he has used schoolteachers and border patrol agents and airport security and janitors as part of his portrait of pain. now he has decided to shut down white house towards. now, the only people who can tour the white house are those who contribute half $1 million or more. would beident posture laughable if he had not taken it one step too far. onto our criminals streets to make a political point. when you have a federally sponsored jailbreak. , at is what this is federally sponsored jailbreak. you cross the line from politics asspend as
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aform of senescence -- as form of cynicism where everything goes in order to win the next election. if the president cannot handle $85 billion in cuts that he suggested, how can we ever believe that he will tackle trillion dollar deficits, unfunded entitlement obligations that amount to trillions of dollars more? our deficit is approximately equal to our gdp. $0.40dollar we spend -- is barred from some bank in a place like china. the resolution to this debt ceiling debacle led to the first downgrading of american credit in the history of this country. we have a president who refuses
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to put a single plan on paper that addresses the deficit spending, entitlement reform, those are inexplicable. he is willing to do a photo op with he's more than willing to do a theo op to talk about 1% of total annual budget. if the president is word about overtime pay for capital janitors, i say what about the stagnant wages of millions of american workers? what? americans resigned to food stamps? what about small businesses and homeowners that cannot get loans because of dodd-frank? what about more than 20 million americans who cannot get full-
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time work due to the most anemic recovery since the great depression? mr. president, your plan to tax and spend our nation to l asperity will fai spectacularly as the economics you have borrowed from john maynard keynes. thes be clear about what is crux of the debate in washington. americans will surrender to the creation of a massive welfare states in the image of western europe. thequarrel is not with legitimate role of government but the unlimited role of government. [[cheers and applause] in research and defense capabilities and
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infrastructure and border security are vital american issues and issues that washington needs to address. turned the constitution on its head and the federal government has inserted itself into every aspect of american society. to ead of allowing states become laboratories of reform, washington's central planners are coopting other responsibilities reserved to the states and individuals under the 10th amendment to the u.s. constitution. of fiscallicy coercion is now at the heart of the debates of medicaid expansion proposed under obamacare. unfortunately, some of our friends and allies in the conservative movement have folded in the face of federal
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bribery and mounting pressure from special interest groups. .hey tell us to take the money in the case of texas, four billion dollars. that's because it is free. thathere's nothing free comes from washington, because for starters, it is our money. this is our money. to money we have tacked on the national debt either by borrowing from china or pulling it off the printing press. secondly, nothing stops washington from changing their rules down the road and the increasing the states' share, which in the case of texas will be up to more than $18 billion over 10 years. that is a lot of money. that is a lot of money for the 14th largest economy in the world. all we have is a promise to.
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il we have is a promise, and got a promise from the federal government that apparently it afford to keep dangerous criminals behind bars. -- cannot afford. it is as if the merits of the expenditure do not matter any more. but i say they do. i say medicaid does not need to be expanded. it needs to be saved and reformed. we care about our poorest texans. we want them to have the best care possible, and that cannot happen with a program that is on its way to bankruptcy. if you do not believe me that medicaid is broken, just ask our president. four years ago, he said, "we cannot simply put more people into a broken system that does not work." he yet that is exactly what is doing or has tried to do in
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the case of texas. no program has grown more rapidly in the last 15 years at the state level of than medicaid. washington's solution is to grow it faster, regardless of the fact the medicaid program is unsustainable. here is what we need. instead of this one-size-fits- all medicaid expansion under "obamacare," flexibility to innovate, to enact patient- centered market-driven reforms, state accountability requirements, combined with limits on federal overage -- we reach.eral over we need a medicaid program that emphasizes personal
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responsibility with copays on a sliding scale, deductibles and premium payments for emergency room care, small contributions so patients take ownership over their utilization of care. we need to make an asset test to make sure that care is there for those who need it most. we need the ability to offer medicaid clients health savings accounts, getting patients more control over their health care spending. [applause] nothing about the medicaid expansion should move citizens from existing private coverage and employer-sponsored coverage to the public rolls. nothing should do that. medicaid dollar should be used to keep people on private insurance, and the best way to help states provide health care is to allow states to design better, more efficient, more effective care using medicaid dollars. this will allow each state tailor the programs, specifically serving the needs
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of those unique challenge the state's have. we know more about and care more about the physical and economic health of our citizens than the federal government does. the states like texas flexibility to actually fix medicaid and to create more cost-inefficient health care for our families, our neighbors, and for our health care providers. absent those changes and needed flexibilities, the medicaid expansion amounts to one large incremental step towards a single-payer socialized medicine. that is where we are headed. i for one will not accept that as long as i am the governor of the state of texas. [cheers and applause] myre are some who say
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position is ideological, but that is only true to the extent that being able to pay one's bills in the years ahead is ideological. washington does not worry about how to pay bills. they just charge it to our grandchildren's account. but in texas, our constitution requires a balanced budget. it's so happens that a balanced budget in one of the lowest tax and spending burdens in the nation funds our number-one ranking when it comes to job creation. we are leading the way in job creation in all categories, on all salary levels, from entry- level to the executive suite. ofas comes back to the crux the issue. i mentioned earlier, i said we do not believe in growing government to grow the economy. we did not believe in a massive expansion of government as a source of economic stimulation.
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we believe in putting more money in the hands of entrepreneurs and family. we believe low-wage jobs should not be looked upon as they are a stepping stone to a higher- wage job. we believe the best source of revenue for public priority is job creation, not higher taxation. [cheers and applause] if washington were serious about job creation, it would not pour hundreds of billions of dollars into so-called stimulus. it would reduce the red tape on energy exploration on federal lands and waters. the single fastest whey to boost our economy and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars is to unleash the energy exploration across america. shale formations of america the cheapest natural gas in the world, and natural gas is clean.
6:40 am
why would this administration limit energy solutions on this continent only to make us more reliant on energy produced in foreign lands? the administration's policy of benign -- foot dragging on keystone, its blocking of coastal exploration, its regulations imposed by the epa and other agents is -- what that means is america is at the mercy of middle east mullahs and south american dictators. common sense tells us it is time to drill for american energy to create american jobs and american prosperity. it is time for us to have a western hemispheric energy strategy. my approach is pretty simple. make what americans buy, buy what americans make, and sell it to the world.
6:41 am
[cheers and applause] that is what we need to be doing in this country. let me close by just sharing with you my take on conservatism in america. now, the popular media narrative -- is that this country has shifted away from conservative ideals, as evidenced by the last two presidential elections. that is what they say. that might be true if republicans had nominated conservative candidates in 2008 and 2012. that might be true. but now we are told our party must shift and appeal to the growing hispanic demographic. let me say something about what appeals to hispanics in states like texas. it is the free enterprise agenda that allows small
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businesses to prosper, free of government interference. it is the policies that value the family unit as the best and closest form of government. it is the belief in life. and faith in god. no one who risks life and limb to reach our shores comes hoping for a government handout. they want opportunity, freedom, and they want and other way to provide for their families, and that is true whether they are first-generation americans or like hispanics in texas, families living here a long time before davey crockett and james bowie and sam houston made their way south. [cheers and applause] my friends, this is what we as conservatives stand for. we are not the people of equal outcomes, of quotas, of race- based appeals or a nanny state. we're the people who say
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everyone deserves a shot, but success is only the product of hard work and innovation, where the ideology is blind of color and solely grounded in a merit system. we are compassionate without being cynical. government can be a tool to self-improvement, and self- empowerment. not self-entrapment. these ideals are as old as america, and they will live on as the prevailing sentiment long after we are gone, because they are what make america unique. we will never bend to the social and economic agenda of western europe. yet it is an interesting place example of government. we will continue to pursue a uniquely american vision seated in liberty, personal responsibility, and individuality.
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god bless you, and may god continue to bless this country. thank you. >> more from cpac now. next, newly appointed south carolina senator tim scott addresses the political active conference. a reminder, washington journal starts at the top of the hour. >> ♪ >> good afternoon. thank you. that was good to hear, governor. when you are old and trying to be beautiful, you have to talk about somebody else's hair. thank you all for being here. how many red blooded conservatives are in the room? [cheers and applause] i cannot hear you over here? [cheers and applause]
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. we will continue to expand the opportunities of conservatism and i will tell you how and why. a quick story. anybody willing to listen to a quick sry? good. one of the mostin m life happenf 1982. i was a 16-year-old rising senior and a football star in my own mind. [laughter] were po -- not poor. i used to drive her to work 45 minutes and then 45 minutes back. one friday afternoon i drive her to work, actually it was friday morning and i got sleepy. anybody gets sleepy while driving? so i started rolling the windows down. i did not say pushed the button. i had to roll down the windows. windows back up
6:46 am
and then i turned the heater on a and then turned it off. i turned on the air conditioner and then turned it off. i turned the radio on and then turned the radio off. the next thing i knew i woke up driving down the road at 70 miles an hour. i did what any 16 year-old would do. i panicked, so i slammed on the and jumped on the steering wheel at the same time -- jerked the steering wheel. my car started to roll back into traffic. i remember going back in traffic and hitting carpet. -- car. my body started towards the windshield, so i grabbed the steering wheel and i yelled jesus! glass went everywhere. we stumbled back and i was
6:47 am
direction and i came back and in that direction and my car landed in a ditch headed the other direction. glass was everywhere. i was laying on the side of the car. i could hear people yelling and running towards me. i heard one lady very specifically. "i think he's dead!" i yelled back, i'm dead! the highway patrolman came and ems showed up. the highway patrolman meltdown and said, son, your mom will be happy you are alive. i was lying there with glass in my back and i looked up at him and said, sir, you don't know my momma, she's going to kill me,
6:48 am
because this is her first car, a 1982 toyota corolla. an ugly brown car. what i learned from that was i andso fixated on the car what the officer was trying to was about why myeth mother would be concerned about me. as we helped to connect the american people with why to our whats to policies that we stand for, that we will win people. when we win people, we will win elections. it was said that when you find your why you find your way. . that is exactly what we are going to do. when we talk about things like obamacare, this is a what. it is an atrocity.
6:49 am
$800 billion of new taxes, new revenues coming to the government from obamacare. 3.8% excisethe the tax in obamacare, creating $123 billion. this comes out of the same pocket where we just took the capital gains rate from 13% to 20%. now when you add this on top, we are talking about a 25% tax. we are headed in the wrong direction. when we think about the other taxes and revenues that come out of obamacare, we only can think about awful legislating. i think about how i talk about obamacare in addition to the taxes, and i think about my granddad. my grandfather was 93 years old and incredibly healthy. still drives his ford f-150. abouttiful car i think
6:50 am
obamacare, the independent payment advisory board bad breaks the link between a patient and doctor. i want my family making the decision for my grandfather. i don't want 15 unelected bureaucrats making the decision for my grandfather's future. i want that to be a family decision. [applause] i know we are going to do it right. and communicate the impact of obamacare, we talk about that, we find ourselves having a conversation with the american people that they truly do not like obamacare prevent why they're on our side, because we in america are conservatives, without any question. we are conservative nation going in the right direction. i think about taxes. how many feel we are taxed too
6:51 am
little in the federal government? spend it took we much in the federal government? [applause] i remember when i first started running for congress a couple years ago. i started talking about taxes and revenue streams and the budget. i started talking about the fact that we were spending $3.40 trillion. what i would say to get people to take a nap in the middle of a speech was not necessarily a good thing, by the way. we want you to stay away. i would go through all the numbers in about 20 seconds. we spend about $700 billion on social security. $692 billion on defense. billions on non-defense discretionary spending. $519 billion coming out of medicare. $400 billion in mandatory spending.
6:52 am
$300 billion just to service the debt. the 25 yearack to historical average, we find ourselves paying over $800 billion just to service our debt. $273i would close with billion sent to medicaid. whoh.ody would say, the federal government has a $22,000 income. we set a budget at $34,000. where does that make sense? nowhere in america would anybody across the kitchen table is understands their income $22,000 decide to spend $34,000. only in the federal government can that happen. that's why i've understand that we have to control our spending. with a $16 trillion debt and an annual deficit of one trillion,
6:53 am
we have to bring fiscal sanity back to washington. when your on the campaign trail, we have to talk about the necessity of bringing in our spending, restraining it. i have to make it digestible for guys like me that about a trillion dollars and i say that in my audience and people understand we are spending so much money that we have to borrow 43 cents on the dollar. what does that mean? i talk about my grandfather's f- 150. when i ask people what does $1 trillion look like. they say i don't really know. ,o i tell them that $1 trillion 33,333,000 ford f- 150's. that's a lot of money. then i talk about the necessity of performing our tax code. anybody believes our taxes are
6:54 am
still too high? [applause] absolutely. we have the world's highest corporate tax rate at 35%. 70%need to bring it down to or as far as we possibly can. then we have to quit double taxing our profits we make in other countries. we're talking about repatriation. we have to allow for our money to come home to our nation without double taxation. when that happens we will grow our economy, because we need to grow our economy and not our government. that is the key. we have to grow our economy and not our government. when we do that, i think we will unleash opportunities in this country. another issue i find incredibly important is the issue of school choice. i'm a big believer in school choice. it's a part of the opportunities of our future. if we remember that every
6:55 am
parent deserves a choice. and every child deserves a chance. i think back to my young days growing up in a single-parent household. i think about the tough times that my mother who worked 16 hours a day, she went to work every day all day long, came home. when my grades were bad, she would pull out is which. switch. as a freshman in high school, i did not do very well. , was failing world geography civics, spanish, and english. when you fail spanish and english, they don't call you bilingual. they call you ignorant because you cannot speak any language. that's where i was. i had the blessing of meeting a
6:56 am
conservative republican who became my mentor, a man named john, a chick-fil-a operator. he started teaching me some of the most valuable lessons i have ever learned. he taught me that having a job is a good thing but creating jobs is a far better thing. he said if you have an income, that's a good thing. profit, youreate a can do the most amazing things. he started to change my life. mentor, i john, my was becoming a red blooded conservative, because he taught me how to think my way out of poverty. my mother taught me discipline. that combination made such a huge impact on where i am today. i think about why it all solidified. i think back to 1986 when john was 38 years old, very
6:57 am
successful business owner, chick-fil-a. he died. , a blood clot stop his life. that was the time when all of these lessons came together. i realized very quickly that i needed to honor johns memory by the way i live my life. so i set my mission statement to positively impact the lives of a billion people with a message of hope, which has a lot to do with my face, and opportunity, that has to do with the johns message of being. financially being after 13 years as a member of the county council and -- on the local level and then going to the state house and then getting elected to congress and now appointed to the senate i will say that john's dream still lives. i believe that america's finest hour is still ahead of us, that our greatest stand is not yet happened, because we are an
6:58 am
opportunity society. we are not a society that believes in redistribution. [applause] we are an opportunity society. if we do what it is that we need to do, all of america will stand up and join the conservative movement and tell us not only win elections but win the hearts of people. thebless you and god bless most amazing country, america. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> more from conservative political action conference today. four more republican presidential -- former republican presidential candidate mitt romney at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. tonight, former florida governor jeb bush mentioned as a possible presidential candidates, we will have live coverage of his remarks at 8:45 eastern on c-
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span. are is some of what we covering this morning. the house is expected to finish work on the job training measure today. the house is in at 9:00 eastern. on c-span2, ahead of the medicare payment advisory committee will give recommendations to a house subcommittee on health. that starts a 9:30. on c-span3, a senate panel will investigate trading losses at jpmorgan chase, including a $6.2 billion loss on credit derivatives last year. you can see live coverage of that at 9:30. minutes, wall0 street journal reporter damian paletta will compare the differences in the house and senate budget plans for 2014. later, a discussion on drug abuse and mental health. we will talk with peter delaney

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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 704
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 3/15/2013